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biodevas LABORAtoires

Natural alternatives to chemical treatments in agriculture

Est'd 2005 / Alumni 2015

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Francois BLUA, CEO

+33 681 141 025 /

Biodevas Laboratoires focuses on natural solutions to reduce chemical inputs in the agricultural industry (phytosanitary and antibiotic treatments). Since 2005, Biodevas Laboratoires has formulated and produced biostimulants for crops (market gardening, cereal, vines...) and phytogenic feed additives for livestock farming (mainly poultry and ruminants).


Biodevas products are 100% natural and produced from plants carefully selected by its experts. Each product has at least 6 different natural active ingredients to obtain a synergistic effect.

Biodevas Laboratoires expertise is two-fold:

  • Scientific know-how: oxidative stress management through biotic and abiotic stress management.

  • Industrial know-how: natural plant substances extraction system developed in-house and unique in Europe.

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