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demand side


Innovative irrigation management solution

Est'd 2013 / Alumni 2015

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Frédéric VILLAIN, Président & CEO

+33 953 208 175 /

Demand Side Instruments produces goods to optimize production processes  in order to optimize profits and expenses and to couple it with environmentally friendly measures. They focus on high tech innovative services and solutions for better preservation and management of natural resources (water, soil & energy).

They smart irrigation system analyses the soil's needs in terms of water and fertilizer as well as the upcoming weather changes. It offers suggestions and management through a dedicated software and connected wireless controlled water valves for a better, more efficient schedule.

This is a smarter way to automate field sprinklers capable of reducing water usage by up to 50% without impacting agricultural yield. Not only is it great for water bills, but is also good news for drought-ridden farmers throughout the world. By enabling farmers to decide how and when to irrigate, but also thanks to a more precise and efficient irrigation, the company helps them optimize the quality and productivity of their activity.

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